Wealth Management

Providing investment advice to maximize the return of your investment portfolio.

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FX Services

Services of providing financial tools for commercial enterprises in order to manage the exchange risk.

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Real Estate

Complete property management services from an experienced team of brokers, lawyers, engineers and appraisers.

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The Company

  • A new group of consultants with extensive experience in the field of investments, in Greece and abroad. We recognize opportunities and avoid pitfalls.
  • We are independent and operate solely with the client’s best interests in mind.
  • We provide a wide range of investment options, with absolute flexibility and the aim of achieving investment goals.

Why to choose us



We are available at all times to support your project using all modern tools and operating with the strictest specifications.



We operate within a modern framework and have the appropriate mechanisms to prevent any investment risk.



We work with strict confidentiality before, during and after the completion of the investment to ensure all confidential information.

Wealth Management

To create an investment portfolio:

  1. Define the desired return, the purpose of the portfolio, the time frame of the investment and the investment risk you wish to take.
  2. Work out, in collaboration with an accredited investment advisor, the strategy to achieve your investment goals.
  3. Set your short-term and long-term investment goals and create an active management plan.
  • Investment Advisory Services
  • Fixed Income Investments
  • Creation of an Investment Portfolio
  • Discretionary Asset Management

FX Services

Foreign exchange services involve import and export trading businesses that use foreign currency funds for their purchases and sales.

We study, advise, and draw up your company’s strategy, for maximum stability by taking advantage of all modern tools in the foreign exchange market.

  • Spot: Buy foreign exchange instantly at the most competitive rates
  • Forward: Lock in the best price today, with the best market terms
  • Options: Get the option to buy at a future date, for ultimate currency risk management

Real Estate

The comprehensive real estate investment services we provide create a single point of contact and make it easy for the investor to focus on the investment rather than the processes.

A team of consultants, lawyers, engineers, notaries and appraisers work with you for immediate results in a context of strict confidentiality.

  • Purchase and sale of Property
  • Property Management
  • Real estate valuation and consulting